Thursday, November 1, 2012

Things a Brother Knows CYRM Book

I finished reading Things a Brother Knows, a nominee for the California Young Reader Medal this morning. Wow! All I can say is "wow"! If I had known about this, this would have perfect as a follow up to Home Front by Kristin Hannah. In Things a Brother Knows, Levi, a high school senior follows his brother Boaz, who's returned from the war. He founds so much out about his brother on this journey. I cried at the end! It was really, truly, a beautiful YA read. Why are all these amazing books Young Adult? Teens these days are lucky to have these books. I sound like an old lady now, don't I? I strongly suggest you read this book. Loved it!

Mentor Text Post #2-Watch your words

It is very difficult to teach children to be careful about what they say. Sometimes we say things, and they just pop out of our mouth before we can catch them. This book is perfect for that. I recently read it to my 1st and 2nd grade groups. It was so adorable when I got to the part where Leo told his mom, "I hate you", they all gasped. The play on text and image in this book is fabulous. Definitely a great read for young children.

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The color red is a big bully, always telling the other colors that he was the best. Until one color was brave enough to stand up to red. It only take one person to be the brave one. Great text to teach about doing the right thing, sticking up for yourself, and those weaker and less powerful than you. 

Happy reading! Xo