Saturday, January 14, 2012

Crossing my fingers!

I am putting a great deal of hope behind a book I picked up at Target today called  Bungalow by Sarah Jio. She was highlighted on a blog that I follow, and I am trusting her advice. I have been telling you lately that every book I have touched has been an epic fail! I need to read more to be a better example to my children, and for them to know that I value and respect reading. I also want them to see that people actually DO read for pleasure, and not just to fulfill the requirements of their homework assignments.

On a side note, remember how I posted a while back about something important happening soon? happened! I did it! I can't quite post just yet what it is, but you will know soon. That has been a positive highlight because I totally suck at sticking to a diet, and have fallen off the wagon. Actually, my leg is hooked to the wagon, and I am being dragged along with bloody stumps. I am just going to continue moving forward, and delight in the fact that now I can fire up all of those recipes I found on Pinterest. I started with the Taco Bake, and it was yummy. I also kept it a bit healthier by substituting Turkey for the ground beef. It was sooo delish! Hope your New Year is starting off well. Good things are happening.

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