Sunday, July 8, 2012

Book #16 of 2012-Done!

You must know that I am a huge Kristin Hannah fan after reading Night Road. It was the first of her books that I had ever read (I know! Way behind), and I was an insta-fan! This book was also a delight to read. It deals with very heavy stuff, that I could never relate to as I have no relation to anyone in the armed forces. For anyone who has had anyone serve, or is currently serving in the military-I salute you. What an incredibly tough job. This book is honest, and true to the journey a family takes when someone goes off to war. It was a tragic story. The evidence-I cried during gymnastics class after a very concerted effort to distract myself. It was to no avail. I cried because I was thankful that someone has the courage to fight for my freedom, and that I am negligent to what happens when they return. I can honestly tell you that I have a new-found appreciation and respect for our military. That's not to say I didn't appreciate them before, I just realized there is a whole new world for them when they come back. A world that is not always so kind to them. I hope you will read this one.


  1. This really looks like a good read. Awesome review!

  2. It is really good. Thank you so much for commenting, and for being a follower. I am almost to ten! (slow and steady wins the race)