Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Comparative/Superlative Mentor Texts

Dear Readers,

One of the most difficult concepts I have to teach is Comparative and Superlatives. For those of you who do not use that type of verbage, it is when you teach students to add an -er, or an -est to compare the magnitude of something. For example, happy becomes happier, and happiest. Students must know that comparative (er) holds a lesser degree/value to superlative (est), and is all part of the "shades of meaning" concept. *Sigh* It's Brian P. Cleary to the rescue, my friends! Check out his newest book available Right Now! on Amazon, and at your local bookseller.

Everything you need to know about this concept is so explicitly laid out in this book, it would be a wonderful addition to your bookshelf. It's no secret I am a huge fan f all of his books, but this one takes a particularly difficult concept, and makes it so easy to understand. Hope you all have had a wonderful start to your new year.

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