Saturday, January 26, 2013

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

This was a heavy, heavy book. When I finished, I felt free, and light, but also deeply changed. The premise of the book is that a caregiver, Louisa, is sent to take care of a quadriplegic named Will. Will was not born confined to the wheelchair, he was involved in an accident that essentially took every freedom he had. Will, whose former self was vibrant, powerful, and gregarious; has lost who he is, and doesn't want to be confined to the wheelchair anymore. Will's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Traynor, hire Louisa to raise Will's spirits. Essentially, Will wants to travel to Switzerland to "Dignitas", a place you travel to where a "Dr. Kevorkian" (remember that guy?) will help you kill yourself. Will Louisa be able to change his mind? I usually do not spring for hardback's as they are expensive, but this was a great read. I cannot wait until the rest of the book club gals finish, so we can talk about it. Happy weekend reading!

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Jojo Moyes

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