Saturday, January 19, 2013

Middle School-Get Me Out Of Here! a sequel by James Patterson

Ky and I just finished reading this one together. It was a sequel to the book we read together called Middle School-The Worst Years of My Life. Both were written by James Patterson (love), and if you are looking for a series that will engage a Middle Grade (4-8) reader, then you've hit your mark with these. Patterson continues to write follow-up books, so children (like my son) eagerly await the next book to find out what happened to Rafe. In this follow-up story, a boy named Rafe has moved from his old town, Hills Village, into the city. He had a troubled past in Hills Village, and is excited to get a clean, new start at his new art school. As you may well imagine, it doesn't exactly work out as planned. He experiences the same drama most middle school children experience. There is his friend Matty, who turns on him, and two kids in his class who think they are better than everyone. We also find out in this book what happened to Rafe's dad. I really enjoyed reading this with Ky. In fact, I looked forward to picking it up, and reading it. That is not always very common with Children's literature. It is a refreshing combination between a graphic novel, and a novel. Truly enjoyable! 

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