Thursday, March 7, 2013

One for The Murphy's & One for Me

The  book I am reading during my fifth grade reading group is One for The Murphy's by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. The book is a middle grade read, appropriate for a mature 4th grader on up. Carley Connors is in the foster care system after something terrible happens to her and her mother. The inference I made was that her mom's boyfriend beat both her, and her mother. Without another family member to take care of her, Carley is placed with a family in Conneticut who have three boys. She sleeps in a room decorated with fire trucks, and a sign above the bed reads, "be someone's hero." This slogan will come back throughout the story. It delves into what it is like to be an outcast, how difficult life is for foster children, and not jumping to conclusions/judgements about people. This book is absolutely wonderful, and heartbreaking at the same time. I am not finished yet, but I would recommend it whole-heartedly to anyone looking for a read with a lot of depth and symbolism. It would be a great book to use as a mentor text while you are trying to teach inference and symbolism.

One for Me: Lately, we have had a slew of children that are struggling with behavior and their social skills at our school. The natural tendency is to become frustrated and (quite honestly) angry. I am usually very patient and understanding with children, but when you have a child tell you "No!" And "I don't care what you say" to your face, it is difficult not to flinch at this blatant defiance. The bottom line is, we have no idea what this child, or these children experience the moment before they walk through our doors. We must understand that it is not a personal attack on our competence, but a defense against something out of our control.

Five For Me: A Daily Affirmation

1. Do your best
2. Don't sweat the small stuff
3. Breathe before you answer
4. Listen
5. Be someone's hero

Have a great Thursday!

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