Monday, March 25, 2013

Why Can't I Be You by Allie Larkin

This book was such a perfect spring break read! 
The book's premise:Jessie Morgan has not been in touch with her classmates for years. When it comes time for Mount Si High School's 13-year reunion, no one expects to see Jessie show up. They even waited 3 years after what should have been their10-year reunion to see if Jessie would materialize. When Jenny is on a trip for work attending a conference, she is mistaken for Jessie Morgan. Of course, everyone thinks it is Jessie (with a nose job), but Jenny doesn't have the heart to tell them she is not Jessie. After all, she is going through a rough patch, and could really use some friends.What makes an already terrible situation worse is that Jenny becomes hopelessly attached to these "friends". Will she ever have the heart to admit the truth? Will it ruin the bonds she has forged with the people she now loves?

This book sis called, Why Can't I Be You?, and it made me think, who would I be if I could be someone else? I would choose Oprah. Oprah loves books (me too!), and shopping for fun things (me too!), she loves teachers (I am a teacher!), and she enjoys helping others (my life's work!). Maybe one day a magazine will be named after me, and it will have an entire section devoted to books, and what you should read next. You never know...

Who would you be if you could be anyone else? I'd love to know.

The Verdict on the book: Buy it!!


  1. Sounds like another winner! A book club book perhaps?

  2. Definitely! It was a really good book.