Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Comfort of Lies by Randy Susan Meyers

The Comfort of Lies by Randy Susan Meyers is a captivating book, that if I had to describe in one word would be-loss. We all know the pain of loss. Some of us know loss much more keenly than others. When you experience the loss of child, what are the feelings that pervade your life? How does one function after the loss of a child? Every once in a while, I allow myself to go to that very dark place where I picture in my mind, my worst nightmare. My worst nightmare would be something happening to my children. I think of how I would not be able to go on if something were to happen to either one of my children.

Every day, that is a real possibility. Just look through the pictures you have. What do you see? Your children, your family, your whole world. A snapshot of what you would miss if you no longer had the privilege of being a parent. None of us has any guarantees of the next day. We have to make the moments we have with our children count. Savor every morsel as if it were your last. It very well could be.

What if you chose to give your child away? If that loss was a choice you made, for better or for worse, doe sit make it any less painful? You willingly took the step to give your child away. What guarantees do you have that you've placed that child into loving arms? The answer is-none. As it goes, there are no guarantees in life. Would you then comfort yourself with the lie that everything was alright? If I will it to be so, then it will be so. I've done that many times, I have willed something to be true because the pain of knowing that loss was too much to bear.

The web of deceit is tangled in Randy Susan Meyer's latest book, The Comfort of Lies. If you enjoy a book with multiple points-of-view, and complicated characters, then this is the book for you. Tia, Nathan, Caroline, and Juliette are all part of a tangled web of relationships. Tia and Nathan are former lovers, who became parents. When Tia discovers she's pregnant, she wants Nathan to leave Juliette. He loves her, after all. Or does he really love her? Will he leave his beautiful, successful wife to live as a family with his mistress? Will Juliette become privy to the illicit affair, and decide to stay with her husband? Can you really forgive a man who has done that to you? Caroline is on the verge of breaking through on the next best cancer treatment. She's driven, and loves her job. Will she be cut out for motherhood? It was never a thought for her, this "motherhood" thing.  How will she fare? You must read it to find out the answers to these questions and more.

*Randy is another author caught in the crosshairs of the battle between Barnes and Noble and Simon and Schuster. Ordering information is below.*

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