Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wednesday Sister's Giveaway

Dear Friends,

We all know of the terrible events that have happened in Moore, Oklahoma when a tornado ravaged the town, leveling buildings and homes. Many people were killed, and those that were lucky enough to make it out alive now have nothing. Their homes were decimated, and they are looking at a lengthy time-frame to rebuild their lives. When I saw the news on television, my heart went out to the people in Oklahoma. I was especially moved and saddened by the school that was blown down, killing children as they crouched huddled in a corner trying to stay alive. As a teacher myself, it is devastating to think that you'd lay on top of children trying to save them, but all the while knowing you could not save all the precious students in your care. We all have the ability to contribute to the relief fund by donating to the Red Cross, or another agency.

I've donated myself, and would love to start a campaign to raise money for the Oklahomans. My goal is to raise $500, but even $1 would help off-set the cost of rebuilding for these people. I'm running a giveaway on my blog of 10 copies of The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton. You'll want to get your hands on this book because The Wednesday Daughters is coming out July 16th!

Here's a Synopsis:
Five women, one passion, and the unbreakable bond of friendship.

When five young mothers–Frankie, Linda, Kath, Ally, and Brett–first meet in a neighborhood park in the late 1960s, their conversations center on marriage, raising children, and a shared love of books. Then one evening, as they gather to watch the Miss America Pageant, Linda admits that she aspires to write a novel herself, and the Wednesday Sisters Writing Society is born. The five women slowly, and often reluctantly, start filling journals, sliding pages into typewriters, and sharing their work. In the process, they explore the changing world around them: the Vietnam War, the race to the moon, and a women’s movement that challenges everything they believe about themselves. At the same time, the friends carry one another through more personal changes–ones brought about by infidelity, longing, illness, failure, and success. With one another’s support and encouragement, the Wednesday Sisters begin to embrace who they are and what they hope to become, welcoming readers to experience, along with them, the power of dreaming big.
(Publisher's Excerpt)

Contest Entry: To be entered to win one of 10 copies, please leave a comment that includes your e-mail address. You will receive an additional entry if you send a receipt or screen-shot of your donation to mellsimons (at) gmail (dot) com. Winners will be notified by e-mail if they've won, and have 48 hours to respond to my correspondance. Good Luck! 

Restriction: You must own an e-reader to win a copy of the book. So sorry to my book die-hards. I feel you! 

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Have a blessed Sunday, friends!

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  1. I donated to OK along with my boyfriend. I know they really need alot of monetary donations right now to be able to get what they need.