Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Martian by Andy Weir

This audiobook was so far from what I normally choose it may has well have been on Mars rather than on Earth, a click away. I knew this particular book was being made into a movie, and my audiobook selections this year are going to be all of the books I am interested in reading that are being made into movies.

In The Martian, Mark Watney (who will be played by Matt Damon) and his crew are on a NASA mission on Mars when something goes terribly wrong. While completing an exercise on the Red Planet, Mark is struck with an antennae which punctures his suit. His crew, thinking he is dead, leaves the planet after an exhaustive effort to save Watney. Turns out Watney is far from dead. This botanist is made of the tougher stuff, and manages to survive for much longer than anyone else could have. The question that remains for the reader is whether or not Watney will be saved. He has NASA, JPL, and the American people rallying for his safe return to Earth. Will Watney be able to survive the number of Sols required to survive life on Mars? If you are into Science Fiction, I doubt you'll find a story more engaging. I continued listening to the book, even though the first half hour was a little dry for my taste. The one drawback for me would be all the Science lingo, even if it was fictional. This book definitely earned 5 stars from me! Incredible narration on the audiobook.  

See who would be playing your favorite character in the movie version of The Martian.

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