Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday #wanttoread List

This week's title comes with a great deal of buzz, and a plethora of accolades for it being the "next best book you'll ever read." The title I am referring to is Hanya Yanagihara's A Little Life. The title itself lets you know that the story will lead you to face unimaginable abuse, a kind so detailed and vile many readers will be unable to finish the book. If you can muster the content, which I have yet to do, the apparent outcome will leave you weeping. One NPR reviewer said that they dreamt about the book. I have not yet read this title because it is a)700 pages, and b)I'm not on summer vacation and not being able to finish it in a timely matter would kill me. I apologize if b was too wordy. I heard about it first from Books on the Nightstand, where the label for the episode was "In which I manage not to cry." I can often describe myself as a cold fish when it comes to books that make most people cry. I'm usually prone to apathy when I finish books that have managed to evoke tears from other readers. However, I love a good book that becomes so real that I actually manage to cry. So, this one is a title I would love to read, but it is currently in my summer TBR stack.
A Little Life

If you're so inclined, I found a link on NPR for A Little Life Excerpt. Read it at your own peril. Ann, from Books on the Nightstand said this was quite like when she finished reading Cutting for Stone. She said that Cutting for Stone broke her, and that when she finished this book she felt the same. I haven't read it yet, so please try to avoid the spoilers, but be warned that you may need a hot shower and a full box of Kleenex handy when you finish the book. 

Happy Reading!

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