Tuesday, May 5, 2015

One Good Life by Jill Nystul

One Good Life by Jill Nystul

This book is part memoir, part "Pinterest-style" tips to make your life easier, and your relationships with your loved ones stand at the forefront of importance. This book was inspired by Jill's own experiences with life, and finding one good thing every day. She now has a website devoted to finding one good thing, as well as ideas you can use. The book is a wonderful compilation of the ideas found in the pages of her book, and I also found the anecdotes about her life endearing, and honest. Truthfully, many of the insights she writes about are blatantly obvious things that you don't need a book to understand. But, I find the timing of this review fitting especially when there has been so much negativity in the media of late. The obvious bits of advice are things we know, but fail to put into action. As parents, wives, husbands, and family members, we often lose ourselves in the daily tasks that we have deemed important. You cannot venture out, or even stay in the four walls of your home without seeing people glued to their devices. Eyes cast downward, they forget that what is really important is to look up. In order to see and appreciate the beauty that is in our world, you have to look up. The smile of your child, the conversations you have that tell you what you didn't know, and everything that gives our lives sustenance cannot be found in pixelated images or in scrolling through your feed. The good things, the many good things in life are in front of us, beside us, and all around. We must pay attention and look. 
Here is a way that you can get started right now creating your good things. Think positive karmic energy!

Random Acts of Kindness
  • Pay for someone's meal
  • Compliment someone (seriously)
  • Volunteer to help out at a shelter/soup kitchen
  • Donate food to the local shelter
I'm really digging this DIY Cereal Box + Washi Tape organizers!

All this and more can be found via Kill's website One Good Thing by Jillee and the book One Good Life is on sale today! A special thank you to G.P. Putnam and Sons (A Penguin Random House Group) for an early copy of Jill's book. Thank you for helping to inspire me to find the good things.

Happy reading!

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