Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday Kid Reads featuring Baby Lit by Jennifer Adams

Like Saturday morning cartoons, but much better because it involves books! Yes! This week I want to share with you some adorable board books, written by Jennifer Adams. These board books are from the BabyLit Book series, and they are sure to delight the adult, as well as the young reader.  I have three books to share with you, and I know you'll want to share these with your adorable little ones!

Don Quixote 
A Spanish Language Primer

There was a man (el hombre) named Don Quixote. He was the man of La Mancha. He would say "Yo soy el hombre de La Mancha." He carried his armor (la armadura) and had a horse (el caballo). Horses neigh (relincho) and the lady (la dama) was a very important part of the story as well. This adorable take on classic literature will have your babies learning espanol and the premise for Don Quixote! This is one of the books (los libros) that you will want to leave on the shelf to read to your baby every night!

The Secret Garden 
A Flowers Primer

This flower primer illustrated the flowers that were part of the original children's novel The Secret Garden. In this BabyLit version, an illustration of the flower is combined with a quote from the book. If you are unfamiliar with the original book which was published entirely in 1911, there is a secret, untended garden that holds beauty, and tranquility from a life that can often be troubling.  The children learn to appreciate nature and their kinship through this mysterious garden. A classic children's book.

Doodle Lit
Drawing on the Classics

Break out the colored pencils, markers and crayons for the classic lit version of a coloring book! In this book you will find Kids can follow the entertaining prompts provided and put pencils to work doodling such things as:
• Mr. Darcy’s dog (kids doodle what they think his dog looks like)
• Bob Cratchit’s Christmas tree
• Tattoos on Queequeg’s arms
• Anna Karenina’s hairdo
• Dress designs for Elinor and Marianne
Sprinkled throughout are also designs with perforated edges, perfect for popping out and crafting! Illustrated in the same colorful and playful style as the acclaimed BabyLit board book series.
This one is my personal favorite! 

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Happy Reading!

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