Monday, July 6, 2015

The Monday Run-Down

I wish I could remember who the author of the blog was that stated that summer time is a tough time for reading. While you would think you would have more time to spend reading, often times we over schedule ourselves to keep the kids busy, take lazy naps or just busy ourselves doing other things. I resonate with this big time. I always idealize the summer months as time when I will read ALL THE BOOKS, but I am not a book-a-day person. I can read quickly, but not that quickly. Plus, I shamelessly love Netflix and Bravo TV. Anyhow, exciting things coming up at Read Baby Read!

Review of Jane Green's newest book called Summer Secrets! I adore Jane's work, and was fortunate enough to meet her at the LA Times Festival of Books a few years ago. Speaking of awesome authors, tonight I get to meet up with Taylor Reid at Barnes and Noble in Santa Monica! So thrilled to see her again, and celebrate the release of her newest book Maybe in Another Life.

This Wednesday's #wanttoread selection is called In the Country, a collection of short stories by Mia Alvar. I originally heard of this title through Books on the Nightstand, and it is generating a ton of buzz on the author, and more for her book, which is supposed to be a stunner.

Medea Complex review will be up along with a giveaway! Don't miss out on this new title. 

"It" book failure? Have you ever picked up the next "It" book, and been disappointed? Guilty! I'll share some of my "It" book failures, and I hope you'll be willing to share yours as well!

Happy Reading, everyone!

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