Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Run-Down

Back to school madness has begun, and though my own two have not yet returned to school, I have resumed work. One of the bummers about returning to work for me is that it cuts in to my reading time. By the time I come home after work, I am exhausted, especially in the first few weeks when I am adjusting to the early wake-ups and being "scheduled" with my eating and break times. I miss spending all day with a book in my hands! I will continue to bring you all the best books to feature and review here starting with a few this week!

The Gift of Failure  by Jessica Lahey
In this culture of achievement and success, are we actually harming our children by keeping them at bay from failure? Is it important to be on the losing end of the deal every now and then? Learn to let go. I learned a lot, and founf this book very interesting!

Free books are not an author's best friend, because let's face it, they make more money from bookstore sales and not from online ventures. I recently shared I am becoming a huge fan of the mystery/thriller genre, and I received a recommendation through an author I follow on social media that one of the books featured on that sale was a must-read! I will share that book with you, dear readers.

Still Life Las Vegas by James Sie
I will share my thoughts on this book, and why it was so different from any other book I have read. 

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