Monday, January 18, 2016

Spotlight Feature: All in Her Head by Sunny Mera

All in Her Head by Sunny Mera
Pub Date: November 10,  2015
If you have been searching for a book that will challenge everything you normally read, then I think this book fits the bill. The story line, the characters, and the way this story unfurls like curling ribbon is an oddity that is difficult to put in to words. Though this book is not for everyone (especially the parts including orgasmic labor), it is a quick read. Part of the Book Sparks Fall Reading Challenge, All in Her Head takes readers on a psychological journey, and this cover is a stunner! Read the following synopsis to decide if this book is one you would add to your TBR list:
 "As a young girl growing up in the Midwest, Sunny experiences the shame and stigma of scandal when her father is banned from their church for having an affair with the pastor’s best friend’s wife. As Sunny grows older, she begins to build the life she’s always wanted: she marries, buys a house, enrolls in graduate school, and soon has a baby on the way. But when she experiences the psychological phenomena of orgasmic labor, it triggers a chain of bizarre events, and she gradually descends into a world of delusion and paranoia. As Sunny struggles to separate the real from the unreal, she relies upon friends and family to ground her in truth and love―and keep her from going over the edge into madness."

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