Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Reading Reconsidered

Reading Reconsidered
There is no doubt that the face of reading instruction has changed in the dawn of Common Core state standards, and for many teachers, they were left wondering "what does 'rigorous' reading look like?'" As teachers, we hear terms like lexile, close reading, and increasingly complex text  but are rarely given the training or tools to fully grasp their meaning, and if an explanation is given its message varies among school districts. 
In Reading Reconsidered, the authors want teachers to inspire students to "read like champions". In this book, the teacher is given a guide to practical literacy instruction including close reading, and how to engage students in increasingly complex text. The one proven tool to assist students become more proficient readers is to have them read. Doug Lemov implores teachers to do the same in this book, which made me feel relieved to hear this message. There is no replacement for carving out time in the school day to allow students the freedom to choose a book, and time to read it. With so many other choices at students' disposal, it is critical that teachers say "what can I do to instill a love of learning in my students?" 
This text is a book you would buy for a budding students teacher, or anyone looking to broaden their understanding of reading instruction and its shifts. The practical digital clips allow the teacher the opportunity to "see it live" which is the best sort of professional development. Seeing students utilize the strategies and tools that you read about in the book makes it simpler to say "I can do that!" This book is more expensive than other books that teachers could read for professional development, but growth and improvement is more important than anything. Please read the following synopsis to see if this particular text would be the best suited to your classroom needs.
The world we are preparing our students to succeed in is one bound together by words and phrases. Our students learn their literature, history, math, science, or art via a firm foundation of strong reading skills. When we teach students to read with precision, rigor, and insight, we are truly handing over the key to the kingdom. Of all the subjects we teach reading is first among equals.
Grounded in advice from effective classrooms nationwide, enhanced with more than 40 video clips, "Reading Reconsidered" takes you into the trenches with actionable guidance from real-life educators and instructional champions. The authors address the anxiety-inducing world of Common Core State Standards, distilling from those standards four key ideas that help hone teaching practices both generally and in preparation for assessments. This 'Core of the Core' comprises the first half of the book and instructs educators on how to teach students to: read harder texts, 'closely read' texts rigorously and intentionally, read nonfiction more effectively, and write more effectively in direct response to texts.
The second half of "Reading Reconsidered" reinforces these principles, coupling them with the 'fundamentals' of reading instruction--a host of techniques and subject specific tools to reconsider how teachers approach such essential topics as vocabulary, interactive reading, and student autonomy. "Reading Reconsidered" breaks an overly broad issue into clear, easy-to-implement approaches. Filled with practical tools, including: 44 video clips of exemplar teachers demonstrating the techniques and principles in their classrooms Recommended book lists Downloadable tips and templates on key topics like reading nonfiction, vocabulary instruction, and literary terms and definitions.
"Reading Reconsidered" provides the framework necessary for teachers to ensure that students forge futures as lifelong readers. 

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