Monday, April 11, 2016

Let's Start a Revolution

Let's Start a Revolution.
Start now. With you, and your students.
Think about how you start a fire, the power of a flood that moments ago was rain, or how the eye of the storm becomes the strongest center. It may take moments, but sometimes it takes longer, and is accompanied by frustration and turmoil. Nature and teaching have uncanny parallels. The truth is, there needs to be a shift in our educational practice. Not tomorrow afternoon, not a year from now, but right now. Years ago, teachers held tremendous power because they were the basis of knowledge through which children tapped their knowledge. Now, we have Google. This is the start of the revolution. Young minds are depending on teachers to shift their sails and move with the changing winds. This is the time to embrace the changing winds, and sail! One little change can become a collective big change. Let's start this revolution!

The Best Books to Inspire Teachers
Most Likely to Succeed

The Gift of Failure

Mathematical Mindsets

Learn Like a Pirate
Are there any books I may need to add that have inspired you? 

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