Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Book #8 of 2012-Done!

It's Hard Not to Hate You a memoir by Valerie Frankel. At least this author admits her failings openly (which, by the way, I could never do).

Here are the three things that resonated with me in the book:

1. "Brats are made, not born"-essentially you are neglecting your child by indulging them. Quite the spin on indulgence, eh? I couldn't agree more with the ideology. We give our kids a LOT, but we still make them do chores, be respectful, and mind their manners. It's the least you can for your kids right now. After all, do you really want your free-loading grown child blaming you, saying, "it's because you never made me do anything! I never learned how to _____________." ? I say nooooooo!!! Parents, do not fight all of the battles for your kids. Fight some, hell yes! Most of them, no!
2. Don't be a BFF parent- The author actually experienced a kid tell her mom, "Hello! Refill?". What? Parents, don't let your kids diss you. Ever. Not in public, or in private. Never. I find myself gushing over kids with polite manners. Why is this not the standard to be polite? My children are very polite, but only with CONSTANT reminders. It starts early, and you have to be consistent.
3. You only need three friends- really, research has been done, and once you get older this is more and more the truth. That, and I have little patience for any kind of BS. I thought I was bad ten years ago. have not even tipped the iceberg on this beeotch.

It's hard not to hate a lot of things in life. But there are so many more things to love. I am so incredibly thankful for all I have been given.

Just switched my bracelet. Take that. (book joke)
xo, Melody

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