Monday, April 16, 2012

I lost my sense of humor...

So this year in class, I have a kid with Asperger "symptoms." That's code for "I am not a Dr., but I am diagnosing this." I love this kid like CRAZY, and sometimes that's what he makes me. Like, bat-shit crazy. You have got to love all the quirky little nuances about him though. For example, he had a scenario where he could quote me how much I would save on car insurance depending on which carrier I switched to. In case you're wondering, I would have saved the most with 21st Century insurance. Today we were doing a reader's theater, and he comes up to me (DURING the middle of a group's freakin' performance) to tell me he does not have a sense of humor. I responded by telling him to sit down, and explaining we were in the middle of a group's performance. Two second later (this is so like him), he comes back up to tell me the only thing he would find funny is if a mountain goat scratched its own butt with its horn, and pulled out a dingleberry. Yep folks, that's it, word for word. Immature as I am, I began laughing uncontrollably, and could not compose myself. I simply waved my hand in the general direction of his desk (his cue to park it). He smiled. Maybe he didn't lose his sense of humor after all.

What brings this on, is that I am half way through The Journal of Best Practices by David Finch. I was desperate to understand the behaviors of a growing number of kids with autism coming into our schools. This one is a good book, and it really does make me think, what will happen to these kids when they grow up? I may be reading the answer.

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