Sunday, May 27, 2012

Book #12 and ___ -Done

Well, I just got finished laughing my butt off (I wish that statement was true) at the hilarious memoir Let's Pretend this Never Happened by Jenny Lawson. If you were Kenny, you'd hate this book. Why, you ask?  Because your wife wouldn't be able to pipe down her laughing enough so that you could get a wink of sleep before waking up at 4 a.m. Aaaaanyway, I generously deleted the book # for Ms. Lawson because she freakin' hates the number thirteen  after twelve. You're welcome Jenny. I read the Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls, and this is like a really funny version of the same type of terrible stuff that happened to Jeanette in her memoir. (I highly recommend it, by the way). She writes a blog, and if your an asshat conservative person, then you will hate this book, and her blog. Otherwise, you will laugh and be thankful that this IS NOT YOUR LIFE! I guess that's all....except this: . Scroll down to the title "If this is Saturday, then I'm in Maryland." Totally sacreligious, but so, so funny!

Oh, book #12 was this adorable book for young readers called One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams Garcia. It is great for young readers. I enjoyed reading it for our Book Talk at school. The parents enjoyed it as well, so I'd recommend it!

School's out for summer, so let the reading begin!



  1. I'm interested in this book talk at school you speak of. What is it?

    Thanks for keeping us up on your readings. I need another book to read and you've given me some great ideas.

  2. Our book talk is a way for us to connect parents and their children reading at home. We select a book, and parents sign up to receive a copy to read with their child(ren). There is a copy for primary (K-3) and one for upper(4-6). After they've finished reading it, they come to dinner with their child(ren), and then a teacher leads the "talk" where we discuss the book and do activities related to the book. It was very fun!
    Thanks for reading the blog! :)