Thursday, May 10, 2012

Book #11 of 2012-Done!

I finished this wonderful book a couple of days ago, and my internet went down. So, now I am posting to share with you another winner of a book for me. Another Piece of my Heart by Jane Green. I am a fan! This is the first piece of her work I have ever read, and I am impressed! Another Piece of my Heart is the story of Andi, stepmom to the worst behaved teenager, who has a problem. The story unfolds around this problem, and I kept wanting to read more, and more. I don't want to give too much away in case you readers decide to pick it up!  Anyone who enjoys chick lit books will love this one.

I would like to extend a huge thanks !!!! to for this book. I have a profound love for Liz and Lisa on that site. Check them out. Most (if not all) of my book recs come from their site, as well as

I am currently reading One Crazy Summer for a Book Talk at my school, but I think I am going to go to the dark side soon....I am talking about you, 50 Shades.  

Looking forward to the weekend! Be blessed!

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