Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Reading Promise

After being inspired by the book, The Reading Promise by Alice Ozma, Kyler and I are on a mission to have our own "Reading Promise." The premise of Alice Ozma's book is that she and her father had a reading promise that they would read books together every night. That is...until she went to college. Reading the book felt a little like watching Toy Story 3, when Andy goes to college and gives his toys away to that little girl. Tear jerker! I actually met Alice last year when she came to a local children's bookstore to sign books. Long story short, that's what I have been doing this month- reading with my children. So, ultimately, this means that my own personal book choices have had to hit the back burner. I will NEVER get these precious minutes back when I can read with my son, so I could care less. It has been so wonderful to curl up, and read together. I do  miss my chick lit, though!

I'll share with you book #1 of our reading promise:

Middle School the Worst Years of my Life by James Patterson. Kyler loved this book! It was very engaging for a young boy (9-12), and has pictures to go along with some of the text, which Kyler loves. The writing is superior to the Wimpy Kid series (his fave), and this book does deal with some heavy subject matter. I loved the conversations we got into as the story twisted and turned. The important thing is that Ky was totally into it, and always said, "one more chapter." Some nights my eyes would be closing, but he wanted more, so I kept chugging along. 

Here's his say on the book:
"I'm too surprised about the book, I can't say anything. It was so good." 

Eloquent, right? Errr...we're working on elaborating responses. 

Next up:
A Sequel!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Will you do me a favor, and give these people some love? They write the kind of books I love, so give them a hit! Thanks, loves! xo

Sarah Pekkanen Link

Emma and Nicola's Site

Book #22 and 23 of 2012-Done!

I found this lovely little gem under the "Daily Deals" tab in the Amazon store. I follow Sarah Pekkanen on twitter, and I have heard a lot of great things about her work. When I went to see Jennifer Weiner in Pasadena, she recommended Sarah's work, and I trust her judgment. So, I decided to start here. I am so glad that I did. Skipping a Beat was a book about a girl who's life is changed dramatically by her husband's near-death experience. It was a perfect book to teach you that money is not everything (we all need reminding), and it is so important to realize that before it is too late. The story line is engaging, and it quickly draws you in. I would say it is definitely a -BUY IT

Speaking of Buy it! books, this one falls into that category. I plan to do everything in my power to meet these two at some point in my life! They have a new young adult book coming out "Over You." I will definitely be picking that one up after indulging in this juicy read. For a long time Us Weekly was the only thing I read (ok, that just flew out of my mouth, and I am embarrassed to admit that). However, it's true, gossip mags were all I turned to for reading. I remember when Brittany Spears had her mental breakdown, and when she shaved her head and jammed an umbrella into a paparazzi's car. Crazy! Well, Britt was their muse, and this book will not disappoint if reading about that is up your alley. I also follow them on twitter. Love those two girls! 

Buy 'em!
Hope you had a fabulous Labor Day weekend!