Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Language of Sisters-Amy Hatvany

I am so blessed that my sister and I were close growing up. We were thick as thieves. Isn't it funny, that you can harass and fight with your sister, but no one else can? There is something so profound about the bonds between sisters. If you loves My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult, give this one a whirl. The story lines are different, but the emotions will be the same. 

The Language of Sisters by Amy Hatvany is the gripping tale of two sisters brought together by a horrific circumstance. Jenny is handicapped, and has something horrible happen to her in a group home. Nicole has been living in California for ten years to escape the stress of having a sister with special needs. When she realizes her sister needs her help, she is brought back home to face circumstances she has tried to avoid at all cost. The Language of Sisters is a book that will have you examining the relationship you have with your sister. How far would you go to protect her? If you were me, then the answer to that question is, pretty far. I just had to find out what happens with Nicole and Jenny, and you will feel the same! For the record, my favorite character is Nova. I just loved her. Read it, and see if you agree with me. Amy Hatvany has also written other books, one of which I have also read: Outside the Lines, and has a new book coming out in 2013! You will love her writing style, and her books. I guarantee it, or your money back!

Here is a link to both books:
Language of Sisters     and       Outside the Lines

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