Saturday, February 2, 2013

Because I'm Cool Like That...

Many of you who know me know the profound love I have for Jen Lancaster. Back when I was getting pink slips right and left (seriously), I used to drive to LA to feel like I was some sort of literary traveler. The bookstores in my area didn't have the same type of readers that the bookstores in LA had (mostly because there are no homeless people at the stores around me). It was the perfect escape from the stress of my life to cruise down the 10 freeway and admire the graffitied walls of Los Angeles. The smog, the traffic...ahhhh. It made me feel better to drive to a bookstore in Santa Monica where a homeless man held an imaginary finger gun to my head, and said, "boom." I'm sure the eye twitch I'm experiencing now has absolutely nothing to do with those memories. Anyhoo, I was at the B&N (which is Barnes and Noble for those of you without the street cred I have) in Santa Monica, and I saw Jen's memoir Bitter is the New Black on a random table. I read the blurb and thought, "Yes, please"! I bought it then and there, and read almost the whole book in the car while I was waiting for my husband for something. I went back to work, and started telling everyone I knew to buy her book. Pretty soon we had a crew of Jen Lancaster readers at my school. She started writing book, after book, after book, and now here we are with a new book. Her newest book is Chick Lit, and is called Here I Go Again. I know for my generation, this is the perfect read. If you didn't read that title, and finish with "on my own", I am going to hurt you! Randomly, I felt like my whole life was a lie a few months back when a friend corrected me on FB with this very song. I always thought the line was, "like a TWISTER I was born to walk alone". It's "drifter" by the way. A drifter is born to walk alone. So weird, especially when I call them "the homeless", or "gypsies." Eh, semantics. Because I'm cool like that I am posting two links to blogs you can visit to enter to win the book. Good luck, readers! I hope you don't win because I actually want to win. And that's why I'm not cool like that. Hahaha!

Chick Lit Central-The Blog

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Chick Lit is Not Dead

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