Friday, February 8, 2013

5 Steps to becoming a successful reader

I have been widely reading about ways to help my students become better readers, and to help ignite a passion or a spark for reading. I recently came across several articles, and read through many books that essentially have the same ideas expressed over and over again. To help you get a sense of what I read, I have compiled the list below, which I hope you will find helpful. On the page, you will notice that the goal is 40 books. I read Donalyn Miller's The Book Whisperer, and she talks about the 40 book challenge. I was very inspired by her book, and would definitely suggest it as recommended reading. As teachers, it is really important that we "walk the walk", and not just "talk the talk." We can tell students until we are blue in the face about how important it is to read, but they need to see it. They need to believe that you value it as much as you say you do. I recently had a fifth grader who doubted that I kept a book EVERYWHERE (and I mean everywhere) I went. I went over to my purse, grabbed it, and brought it back to the table. It had one book in it (that's all that would fit). Then, I grabbed my "book bag", which had 9 books in it. He said, "wow, you really do love reading Mrs. Simons!" I do love reading, and more than that I never want to be without a book.

5 Steps to Becoming a Successful Reader!
·      Read widely and profusely!
·      Select books based on your interests. Read about something you find interesting!
·      Make time in your life for reading. Even if it is a little time, it is better than no time.
·      Share your book recommendations with other readers.
Goal: 40 Books
What I read:_

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