Sunday, February 24, 2013

Here I Go Again by Jen Lancaster

I've always been a fan of Jen Lancaster's work, and the first book I read of hers was Bitter is the New Black. Don't you just love that title? She was famous for her memoirs, and her hilarious blog, which I have a link to at the bottom of this page. She has made the transition to fiction (this is book #2), and I am so glad that she did. I just finished reading Jen Lancaster's newest book, Here I Go Again. It was not only an homage to my high school days, but to growing up in the 80's and 90's. Let me start by saying that I did have a high school crew. No, we weren't called the "Belle's", we were called "The Fruit Loop Group."No, I'm sorry to say I'm not joking. Oddly enough, I have absolutely no idea why we were called "The Fruit Loop Group." Toucan Sam's tag line was "follow my nose", so should I be mildly insulted? Very strange name. Maybe someone will explain that to me one day.
Looking back on high school it seems as if it were yesterday I was sitting in a seat at St. Lucy's high school learning about religion, or how to keep my marriage intact. Anyone remember Mrs. Haeflinger's marriage scrapbook? I had mine for the longest time, and I foolishly gave it to my high school boyfriend. Why didn't she warn us about that one? She should have included a disclaimer in her assignment directions. It would read: *This assignment must be given to your future husband, and if I find out you gave it to your boyfriend when you were 17, I will personally kill you." If she had done that, my poor husband would have it right now!
The premise of this book is the high school "it chick" (you know the one) Lissy Ryder has what she thinks is the perfect life. The club membership, the perfect tan, a credit card. She attends her high school reunion, and everything goes horribly wrong. She sees her life from a different point-of-view, and she sees all that she's done wrong. Or does she? She's given the opportunity to go back and right her wrongs, but she just cannot seem to get it right. Thanks to a life-changing event, she realizes what is truly important, and is able to change things before it's too late. It was a really fun, enjoyable read.
If you enjoy Chick Lit, and grew up in the 80's/90's, then you will enjoy Jen's newest work of fiction.
All thanks go to the Chick Lit Central-The Blog! gals, who I won the book from. You could win too, so make sure you follow them, and enter all of their give-aways!
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