Tuesday, July 15, 2014

One Plus One by Jojo Moyes

The incredible Jojo Moyes does it again with her newest release, One Plus One. In this book, Jess has had a hard life. She cleans houses, and works at a bar for a living. By far, not jobs we consider glamorous. Further complicating her life is the disappearance of her sick husband, Marty. She busts her hump working every day only to hardly make ends meet. One night, while working at the bar, she meets Ed Nicolls. Ed is a pompous, rich, hedge fund manager, who is in a little trouble himself. When their paths cross, Jess cannot stand him. He is arrogant and smug; he's everything you picture in your head when thinking about a man with a ton of money and privilege. A short time later, a chance meeting with Mr. Nicolls turns into desperation when Jess suddenly needs him to help her, and her family travel to Scotland for a Math Olympiad. Her daughter Tanzie, and her son (not biologically) Nicky, and the trusty dog Norman add the human element to this story that you will not soon forget. When reading this book, you become completely engrossed in the story, the intricacies of their relationships with one another. Your desire to find out if they make it work is so much greater than your desire for sleep or sustenance. A fantastic story you will not soon forget.

Verdict-Buy it!

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