Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Saving Grace by Jane Green

Welcome back! Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back! Oh my goodness, it feels great to be behind the keyboard again bringing you the best books out there! Today's review features the lovely Jane Green. I just finished reading Jane's newest book, Saving Grace, and trust me-you will not want to miss this one! As a bonus, I have a copy to give away to one lucky reader. Yay for comebacks and great books!

Here's the Scoop  

Grace Chapman has lived a charmed life, or so it appears from the outside looking in. Her marriage is seemingly perfect, and her appearance is always put-together, giving her friends and family the impression that she has everything in order.  They live in a quiet little community where Grace works at Harmont House, a shelter where she cooks her delicious meals for the residents. What boils below the surface is her tumultuous marriage to writer Ted Chapman whose star has been falling for a while now. The tiny fractures in their life threaten to crack open and expose their real truth-the scared, often desperate feeling she has to please Ted, and how that manages to be impossible lately.

It is just at this time that Beth, a frumpy, dowdy young girl happens to be at their table at a literary event. Grace is charmed by Beth, and everything she seems to have to offer in the way of assisting Ted. Beth enters their lives, and Grace finds the peace and serenity she has so desperately been seeking.  The funny thing about fractures is that they start out small, but if you continue to put it under pressure, it eventually breaks. The feeling you cannot shake, the impression you get that everything is imploding around you-what if you are the only one who sees it?

With Grace at the throne of a life unintended, her family, friends, even her own daughter question her. Is Grace unraveling? Is she doomed to follow in her mother’s footsteps? The once poised, radiant Grace Chapman seems to be only a shadow of her former self. The thing about shadows is that they always follow you, carrying with them the darkness that can be cast over the light if given the perfect position. Saving Grace will lead readers on a suspenseful journey, and it’ll be one you will not soon forget.  This book also contains recipes at the close of some chapters, the very same recipes Grace prepares or mentions in the book. I whole-heartedly recommend the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe found on page 295. 

If that synopsis piqued your interest in Jane's newest book, Saving Grace, please comment to enter. The winner will be chosen next Thursday, January 15th. If free books really aren't your thing (I mean, really?) then follow one of the links to purchase!



  1. This sounds like a great read! I'd love to win a copy.


  2. Loved meeting Jane at the LA Times Festival of Books last year. She is one classy act.


  3. Another Jane Green masterpiece is on its way.

  4. I love the term 'purse novel'- that's just too cute! LOVE IT!!!!

  5. I am dying to read this!!! Hoping it makes its way into my purse!!! Glad to see you back reviewing friend!!!


  6. Sounds great! Can't wait to read it!

  7. Congratulations, Nancy! You are the winner of Jane Green's Saving Grace. Please contact mellsimons@gmail.com to make arrangements to claim your beautiful new book! Thank you to all who entered.