Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wednesday #wanttoread List

It's now the rage for Hollywood to buy scripts based on amazing books. I mean, why not? You take a great story, and you write a script, and voila! You have a blockbuster hit. Pair it with the right actors and actresses and you've got the best thing to ever happen to that author. I know, some of you could write diatribes on how someone has murdered your book, and how you cannot get over how unlike the book the movie actually turned out to be. When done well, it is a beautiful thing to see.

Cue music..."Don't you...forget about me. Don't, don't, don't..." This book has been published for some time now, and even though I am technically "cheating" on my title "Want to read" list (because I've read it), this book is included here because I want you to read it before it becomes a movie!

Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern  a.k.a Where Rainbows End
Image result for love, rosie bookImage result for love, rosie book

If you think this may be up your alley, check out this trailer for the movie WATCH!

I know you want to read it now, and I hope you will.

Happy Reading.

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