Saturday, May 2, 2015

If You Read This...Then Read This! Saturday Kid Reads Edition

If you're like me, you find it incredibly difficult to follow up a great read with another equally appealing and enticing book. The disappointment that comes from successive books that just don't hit the mark can leave you feeling hopeless. I never shop at Target without walking past the book section to see what new friends have arrived. And by friends, I mean books. One of the best ways for books to sell is to see a book that you loved with an arrow pointing to your next read. If you loved this, then you are certain to love this book! I am pulling together some of my "If you loved this, then you'll love that" suggestions for you. Just like the Target book section, but without the cool pop-up sign.
If you read this....                                               Then Read This!
Image result for Wonder                             Image result for el deafo

Image result for Don't Let the pigeon                             Image result for we are in a book

Image result for diary of a wimpy kid                              Image result for big nate

Image result for crossover book                               Image result for brown girl dreaming

For the Teen/YA Audience
Image result for 3:59                            Image result for darkest minds

Happy Saturday, Happy Reading.

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