Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Run-Down

I had such a wonderful, eventful week! I had the opportunity to meet Taylor Reid, who is one of my favorite authors! She is so gracious, and wonderful, it is no wonder her books have been such a success. Years ago, I won a copy on Twitter of Taylor's first book, and I was a fan-girl from that day forward. She promises nothing crazy is going to happen in the first chapter in her new book, and I can attest that this is true! Here is the run-down on what is happening this week at Read Baby Read.

It's You by author Jane Porter. I grew to love Jane's work when I was introduced to the Brennan  Sisters' trilogy. It was a fabulous series, and one I recommend time and time again to friends who love books with continuing story lines.

Want to Read Wednesday is brought to you by Mystery/Thriller books by the incomparable Jenny Milchman. Her new book As Night Falls is out now, and you can combine with the audio of The Cover of Snow, which I recently listened to and loved! I have recently begun to read Mysteries, and I am loving it! I believe it is important for us all to expand our horizons and try new things, and you never know-it may just be what the brain needed!

Medea Complex by Rachel Florence Roberts is a psychological thriller about the madness that ensues post-birth, and a husband who is torn between helping his wife regain her sanity and trying to save his own ruined career. What is the line between madness and evil?

Fun Friday- you will have to stay put to find out whether I loved or hated The Girl on the Train. Should authors entertain the thought of placing unreliable narrators in their stories, or is this the very thing that readers loathe? Unlikeable characters. Love them or leave them? 

Have a wonderful reading week! 

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