Monday, March 5, 2012

Book #5 of 2012-Done!

So I finished reading Point, Click, Love, and well...I really enjoyed it. I felt like I needed to use some of the comprehension strategies I have my students use, but once I got the characters down, it made it easy to follow, and I wanted more.  The women in the story are really relatable, and their story lines are juicy enough to keep you coming back for more. I finished it this morning, and I'd recommend it to all my friends who are chick lit lovers.

I was so excited to win Four of a Kind by Valerie Frankel, and if you do not know who she is, you don't know what you're missing. It's Hard Not to Hate You...can you say hilarious? Of course you can Valerie Frankel! She's an amazing author. If you do not immediately love this book cover, I am going to have to come over there and slap the funny into you! Thank you for the book. So stoked!

Okay, so train wreck alert-The Bachelor special is on tonight, and I am compelled to lose brain cells at all cost. Like a LOT of brain cells. I must curse all obscenities at the TV tonight (I'm talking about you Courtney!). Luckily US Weekly mag is on a smear campaign so all in good time people, all in good time. 
Peace and Love!

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  1. Hi, just read your post on my blog and wanted to send you a note to say sorry about your pink slip. Sometimes life brings us the crap huh? If you ever wanna chat, you know how to email me. THANK YOU for all of your kind words on my blog. I like what you do over here! Esp like your book selections too! Great ones! hee hee! xo