Thursday, March 15, 2012

Currently Reading and another recipe!

I am currently reading Outside the Lines by Amy Hatvany. Heartbreaking. One word. Heartbreaking. If you have ever been an addict, or had an addict in your family (hell, even if you know anyone), this book will resonate with you. I am about 85% done at this point, so I cannot wait for the end, but I am wishing at this point it does not end poorly. By poorly I mean, not in the way I have it all bundled up in my mind. I am hoping for the Hollywood, everyone lives happily ever after, ending. Of course, as you know, with addicts, things are not predictable. It also does not end up pretty, and tied up with neat little bows. I will keep you posted on the outcome.

The main character was a gourmet chef, so I posted another yummy recipe that makes me think of her. I have tried these meatballs, and they are delish!! Don't they look good. I'll bet Eden would have made these.

Asian Meatball Recipe 

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